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Colonial Picket


At Empire, our Colonial Picket Fencing stands as the epitome of elegance and security for your property’s perimeter. Crafted with precision, these fencing systems seamlessly merge timeless aesthetics with robust safety features, ensuring not just visual charm but also a reliable fortress for your property.



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Elegance and Charm: Colonial Picket Fencing Explained

Introduction to Colonial Picket Fencing

Colonial picket fencing embodies a timeless aesthetic that evokes charm and elegance. Originating from early American architecture, this style of fencing continues to grace modern landscapes, adding character and curb appeal to homes and properties.

Distinctive Features of Colonial Picket Fencing

  1. Classic Design: Characterized by evenly spaced vertical pickets with pointed or flat tops, exuding a traditional and inviting look.

  2. Variety in Heights: Available in various heights, allowing customization to suit both decorative and functional purposes.

  3. Material Versatility: While traditionally crafted from wood, modern variations utilize vinyl or composite materials for enhanced durability and reduced maintenance.